Privacy Policy

CIRION is committed to protecting personal information that is provided to us.  When you create a candidate profile in response to a CIRION job posting, or if a CIRION Recruiter or Hiring Manager interviews you, your personal information will be used for the specific purpose of recruitment and hiring.  We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without first contacting you and obtaining your consent.

Your personal information will be stored in a secure database that is accessible only to authorized individuals involved in CIRION's recruitment and selection process.  Your candidate profile will be searchable in CIRION's Recruitment and Selection System database for 12 months from the last time it was updated (e.g. uploaded new resume, applied to a new position, etc.).  If you do not update your candidate profile within a 12-month timeframe, your candidate profile will be removed from our database.

Strict information confidentiality policies are enforced.  However, CIRION shall not be responsible for use of personal information that is obtained independently by third parties.


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