The identification of safety and efficacy endpoints is a critical step in the development of any new drug. As we progress to first-in-man, it is critical that the validated assays for the measurement of soluble, cellular or tissue biomarkers are robust, specific, sensitive, reproducible and efficient. These measurements assess the degree of safety or efficacy of a treatment and will ultimately drive decisions on dosing, indication(s) and patient(s) selections.

Over the years, CIRION's scientists have gained expertise and knowledge in this area. The use of various technologies allows for appropriate analysis of small or large biomarker molecules. The 'fit-for-purpose' approach is used for biomarker assay development and validation.  


  • ELISA and Binding Assay
  • Single/multiplex assays with ECL technology/Meso Scale® platform
  • Immunophenotyping with Flow Cytometry  

Molecular Biology

  • Qualitative and Quantitative RT-PCR
  • Viral quantification


CIRION has the experience and know-how to move your project to the next level.

These are only a few examples of CIRION's service offering.For more information, download our biomarkers list. If you have a special request, please contact us at 1-866-688-2474 or by e-mail at




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