Specimen Transportation

Transportation partners

CIRION has established preferred partnerships with major courier companies for international specimen transportation: 

  • FedEx: North America and International (ambient specimen only for International shipment)
  • Marken: International, Europe, South America and Mexico (frozen specimen)
  • Globex24: International, Europe, South America, Mexico, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia (frozen specimen)
  • WorldCourier: North America and International
  • DHL: Within Europe


CIRION has developed an integrated specimen tracking system within the CIRION Center™ platform to track the status of each shipment in transit.  In case of a delay, we can take immediate action without the need to disrupt the investigative site.

To ensure your specimens make it to the laboratory without delay, CIRION has assigned in-house full-time resources, highly knowledgeable about customs and regulations and dedicated to preventing and solving any issues, should they arise.

Based on recent statistics, 99.83% of all specimens shipped from any location in North America arrive at CIRION within 24 hours of sample collection.



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