Project Management

Project Manager

CIRION always assigns a dedicated and experienced Project Manager to set up and oversee the project's quality of services and deliverables.

Your Project Manager will:

  • Remain available as your main point of contact.
  • Develop and recommend a communication plan.
  • Develop a specimen transportation plan and schedule to optimize the quality and integrity of the specimens for inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Oversee and coordinate data management requirements.
  • Configure specimen collection kits in accordance with specimen handling, storage and transport condition requirements.
  • Throughout the project, your Project Manager will be themain point of contact, will keep you fully informed of project status, and will always be one-step ahead to quickly resolve any issues.


Project Team

Under the supervision of the Project Manager, CIRION will assign a Central Laboratory team to handle general inquiries, provide daily support to you and your investigative sites.

Your investigative sites are in good hands as the project team will monitor and respond to inquiries such as: 

  • Monitor and respond to investigative site inquiries
  • Specimen handling, labeling and transportation
  • Collection material instructions, inventory and re-supply
  • Project material instructions (laboratory requisition forms, transportation documents, etc.)
  • Monitoring of  specimen and material transportation



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